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Hailed as the South African “Land of Opportunity”, Johannesburg is a lively location populated with friendly people and a wide variety of ways to fill your time. Despite the reputation that Johannesburg is a dangerous place, it is no more dangerous than any other big city in the world. As with everywhere, some parts of the city are safer than others, and it is unwise to have your valuables on show, but it is very easy to keep yourself safe whilst you enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer

The gorgeous climate in Johannesburg means that the temperature remains at a nice level throughout the year, meaning that outdoor activities are an option whenever you choose to visit. For example, a popular attraction is to go on one of the many different safari day tours, which put you right in the middle of wildlife reserves. These give you an up close and personal look at some tremendous wildlife that you cannot see anywhere else. These tours have high safety standards so you feel comfortable and safe during your trip.

Shopping is a popular past-time in Johannesburg, with an array of markets and shopping malls that offer you a wide variety of popular global brands, as well as local goods which effectively capture the culture and personality of South Africa. Some of the highlights of this world class shopping scene are the Sandton City shopping mall, the African Flea Market, and Fourways mall.

Transportation in Johannesburg is efficient and easy. One of the popular options is to take the Gautrain, which links various parts of the city together. These trains come regularly and are very affordable. Another option is of course taxis, which can be flagged down on the street or found at taxi ranks. However if you prefer more structure then you can easily book one on Uber, this will quote you a price before the journey so you do not end up paying over the odds for a journey. Finally, renting a car is obviously a great way to remove any limits from your holiday, as it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want to.

Johannesburg prides itself on being a gay-friendly destination, and it has a number of gay bars and clubs which host themed parties and other such events. These are not concentrated in a specific place, but they are sprawled out over the entire city, showing the integration and welcoming nature of Johannesburg.

This city is a great place to immerse yourself in African culture, whilst having some unforgettable experiences that can only be found in Johannesburg.

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